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Whether your interest is hunting, match shooting, or self-defense, Hodgdon powders will help you get consistency with every trigger pull. One of the most respected names in the ammo industry, Hodgdon has been supplying reloaders in the U.S. and across the globe with premium propellants for generations. Powder Valley is proud to offer the full line of Hodgdon powder, from the H4895 powder that started it all, to the new CFE line, formulated to reduce copper fouling.

Hodgdon Powder is an American ammunition powder distributor that was formed in 1966. Founded by Bruce Hodgdon, an avid reloader, WWII veteran, hunter and shooter. Hodgdon Powder started as a family business but quickly grew. While Hodgdon Powder is known for smokeless powders, it is also a popular choice for black powder substitutes using Pyrodex which makes it safer and easier to clean than traditional black powder with an additional 30% more shots per pound. Hodgdon has also licensed Winchester branded reloading powders since 2006. You can count on a wide variety of high performance, convenient propellants from Hodgdon Powder, a long time top choice for those who load ammunition.

Navy veteran and experienced reloader Bruce Hodgdon was working as a salesman when he heard that the U.S. military planned to destroy thousands of barrels of unneeded powder after WWII. Though he wasn’t sure there would be a commercial market for the surplus powder, he took a risk and purchased (with a loan against his life insurance policy) 50,000 lbs of surplus 4895 powder. Stored in a boxcar and primarily distributed with the family car, this marked the beginning of B. E. Hodgdon, Incorporated, which would be formally founded in 1952.

Respected in the industry as an innovator, Hodgdon continues to develop newer and better smokeless powder and black powder substitutes. Introduced in 1972, Pyrodex is extremely popular with muzzleloaders, year after year. Varget powder is designed for easy metering and features the quick-igniting power that .223 shooters demand. Clean burning, mild muzzle report, and uniform ballistics make TiteGroup powder a top choice for today’s pistol reloaders.

Hodgdon acquired IMR Powder Company in 2003 and GOEX Powder in 2009. Together the Hodgdon family of product lines makes Hodgdon Black Powder one of the largest manufacturers and distributors of gunpowder (smokeless powders; black powder and black powder substitutes) in the world.

Smokeless propellants are just a part of the Hodgdon Powder story. Hunters and muzzleloading shooters around the globe recognize Hodgdon Powder as the company that makes the most convenient, best performing, safest, and easiest to clean black powder substitute propellants. Introduced in 1976, Pyrodex is the most sold black powder substitute. Pyrodex products are cleaner burning, safer, and produces 30% more shots/pound than standard black powder. Pyrodex is easier to clean after shooting.

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