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#10 and #11 percussion caps are both types of primers used in percussion firearms, such as black powder revolvers and rifles. These caps are small metal components that contain a percussion-sensitive explosive compound. When struck by the hammer or firing pin, the compound ignites, initiating the ignition of the main propellant charge and firing the firearm.

The main difference between #10 and #11 percussion caps lies in their size and dimensions. The numbering system for percussion caps follows a similar pattern as with canning lids, where a lower number indicates a larger size. In general, #10 percussion caps have a larger diameter than #11 caps. The specific size difference may vary depending on the manufacturer’s specifications and the intended firearm they are designed for.

The choice between #10 and #11 percussion caps depends on the specific firearm and its requirements. Manufacturers often specify the recommended cap size for their firearms, and it’s important to follow these recommendations for optimal performance and safety. Using the incorrect cap size could result in unreliable ignition or potential safety hazards.

It’s worth noting that different firearms may have their own proprietary cap sizes or designs. Therefore, it’s crucial to consult the firearm’s manual or contact the manufacturer directly to determine the appropriate cap size for your specific firearm.

Always exercise caution and adhere to proper safety protocols when handling firearms and ammunition. When in doubt, consult with knowledgeable experts, such as firearm instructors or experienced gunsmiths, for guidance on selecting the correct percussion caps for your firearm.


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